For SCHAU gallery Anna McCarthy has put together a collage homage consisting of work she has produced over the past few years within and to the topic of her home, as a form of personal protest towards her impending eviction.

Anna McCarthy Portrait

*1981, British artist, currently living and working in Munich.
Anna McCarthy's conceptual and multidisciplinary work includes video, performance, drawing, music and writing, usually with strangers, friends and family acting as the protagonists. The work is predominantly narrative and multi-layered, thematically centring around westernized poverty, image politics, fiction/non-fiction, rebellion and the romantizisation thereof. 
In 2011 she published the book "Revolution and Its Muses" on invitation from Extrapool/KNUST Nijmegen, leading to a reading tour across Europe and traveling art book fairs such as Miss Read at Kunstwerke Berlin or NY Art Book Fair at Moma PS1.
She also curates readings and concert series including No Country for Odd Poets at the Kunstverein Munich and UNDER13 at Lothringer13 Städtische Kunsthalle, as well as herself being bass player and singer in the experimantal punk band DAMENKAPELLE with vinyl releases via the label Echokammer.
She exhibits internationally: most recent shows including "II : NA-EN-DE-NA-EN-DE-NA-WI-DA : II" at Schaustelle, Pinakothek der Moderne, "Pfandflaschen are a pleasure to me, they pay my breakfast, lunch and tea" at Prince of Wales, Munich and the premiere of  "How to Start a Revolution: The Musical" at Haus der Kunst in November 2013.